What Are Some Things You Need To Know About Getting An Uncontested Divorce In Philadelphia, PA

Even though divorce is common and has been around for ages, it still takes a huge toll on all involved, children included. So, if you are in the process of divorcing your spouse, get prepared for the complexity of filing for a divorce.

Granted, the decision to file for divorce is not always mutual. The news is likely to catch you off-guard, but after the initial shock, ask yourself: since my husband filed for divorce now what? Well, it’s time to get in touch with your divorce attorney to understand your rights, obligations, and options. Without one, you’d be groping in the dark.

Typically, a husband is the one who picks up a backpack and leaves the matrimonial home, leaving you and the children behind. When this happens, you may suddenly find yourself trying to answer simple questions such as “How to find my ex-husband’s address”, because you need to send a letter of intent to divorce or convey other critical communication.

Depending on how your separation happened, you could be struggling with basic questions like how long you keep divorce papers, or trying to figure out which attorney is best suited to represent you. Luckily, you don’t have to look far.

Going through a separation can be an overwhelming experience, but it’s much better when the matter is uncontested. It means that both parties agree on everything and only need to sign the papers. You’ll probably still need the services of a divorce law firm, but the process shouldn’t take that long, since no one wants to fight for anything.

An uncontested separation is the best way for a divorce fast track because the documents can be filed quickly to finalize the matter as soon as possible. However, people may have questions. For example, you might wonder about getting an automatic divorce after a long separation, which is not possible at all. Married couples who want to dissolve their union must go through this legal process.

Do divorce papers expire? They don’t expire, and that’s why divorce is a serious matter. Can I contact my husband’s attorney? You can technically try but shouldn’t because the other party’s lawyer won’t be able to answer your questions even if the separation is uncontested. Remember to hire an attorney from your specific location, like Philadelphia, so things can go smoothly. Every state has different laws, so let’s find out more about filing an uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania.

Divorce is one of the most stressful and emotional experiences that a person could go through. Divorce can be a stressful experience due to a variety of factors, including the end of a romantic relationship and the division of assets. In many cases, it also affects the placement of children. Although divorce is not always pleasant, it does not have to be unpleasant. These are some things to know about getting an uncontested divorce in Philadelphia, PA.

1. What is uncontested divorce?

Although most divorces in Philadelphia, PA are not bitter and long-lasting, there are some that end in bitter, lengthy, drawn-out battles. However, the average length of US divorce proceedings is 1 year. Uncontested divorce is when both spouses agree to the terms of the divorce (e.g., child custody and separation of assets). Uncontested divorces can also be considered uncontested if neither spouse appears in the divorce proceedings.

2. Do I still require an attorney?

Yes. Yes, even if the divorce in Philadelphia, PA is amicable. Each spouse must have their own uncontested divorce lawyer. Divorce is still a legal matter, so it is important to have someone to help you. A divorce attorney who is uncontested will help you to make sense of the situation.

3. What are its benefits?

Uncontested divorces are less expensive. There are no issues to resolve or negotiations to make, so the process will be more smooth and quick. This means that you will pay less in legal fees. Because they aren’t bitter, uncontested divorces can be easier to handle emotionally.

Are you a divorcee who has never been contested? Are you able to offer any other advice on divorce in Philadelphia, PA? Please share your thoughts with us below in the comments section.




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