What Goes Into a Personal Injury Settlement?

Calculating the right compensation for personal injury is complex, especially when monetary value is to be placed on emotional distress and physical limitations (present and future), as shown in the video. Some people sign a settlement quickly because they want to move on. However, a personal injury attorney ( PI attorney) will ensure you get fair and reasonable compensation.

Costs attached to physical injury that are easily proven, such as hospital bills, are easy to include in the settlement. The PI attorney will look at the hidden cost of the injuries.

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Will the injuries cause permanent/long-term disability? Will it affect your ability to earn a living? Other damages include out-of-pocket expenses and diminished quality of life.

Emotional distress, such as anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation, is also considered in personal injury settlement. If the at-fault party’s conduct after the accident caused you more distress, you may also include this in the claim. The PI attorney may present your journal, video recordings, medication, or therapy visits to prove the emotional injury in a personal injury settlement.

It is more difficult to prove emotional injury, but keeping a journal and records of the help you’re getting may prove why you deserve a better settlement. Besides proving the cost of the personal injury (physical, emotional, and monetary losses), the PI attorney also has to prove that what you’re facing is a result of the accident and injuries you suffered.


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